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Historic decision in the new Parliament…Women’s Reservation Bill introduced, some asked for OBC and some asked for minority quota…voices raised against the Women’s Reservation Bill

On the second day of the special session of Parliament, the Central Government has tabled the Women’s Reservation Bill in the House. The process of making a law started 27 years ago by passing this bill in the House and since then this bill has had to hear voices of opposition many times. However, this time it is expected that this bill will be passed and a law will also be made. But protest is protest, it was happening then and is happening now also.

Opposition of SP and RJD turned into a new kind of demand

SP and RJD had earlier also been against this bill. This time their protest has turned into a new demand. RJD leader and former CM of Bihar Rabri Devi raised the issue of reservation within reservation. SP chief Akhilesh Yadav also talked similar and put forward his demand. After this, a series of such things started coming to the fore.

Reservation within reservation is mandatory: Rabri Devi

The heads of the parties, which call themselves the party of the deprived classes and consider themselves representatives of the deprived, are now demanding reservation within the reservation. Let us first take a look at who said what and what has been demanded. Let us first start the discussion with Rabri Devi. He said, ‘Under women’s reservation, seats should be reserved for women from deprived, neglected, agricultural and laboring classes. Don’t forget, women also have castes. Instead of the third/fourth generation of other classes, only the first generation of women from the deprived classes are getting educated, hence it is mandatory for them to have reservation within the reservation.

Reservation should be given in proportion to population: Chandrashekhar

Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad also made a similar demand. Rather, he also put forward two points of his demand on X. He said that, this is our opinion regarding “women’s reservation” in the legislative houses.

  • Except for the seats currently reserved for SC, ST categories, there should be “reservation within women reservation” in the remaining general seats for women of SC, ST and OBC categories in proportion to their population.
    If the government really wants to empower the women of these categories, then it should implement the system of reservation of seats for women of SC, ST and OBC categories in all the houses – Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council.
  • Chandrashekhar Azad said that ‘without implementing this, democracy cannot achieve the objective of representation and empowerment of women of SC, ST and OBC categories.

No quota for Muslim women, we are against it: Owaisi

As a representative of the Muslim community, Lok Sabha MP Asaduddin Owaisi also put forth his demand. He says that the major flaw in this bill is that there is no quota for Muslim women in it and hence we are against it. He said who are you representing? Those who are not represented should be given representation. Owaisi has demanded separate reservation for Muslim women in this bill.

There should be balance between gender and social justice: Akhilesh Yadav

Akhilesh Yadav is also saying that women’s reservation should be a balance of gender justice and social justice. In this, reservation for backward, Dalit, minority, tribal (PDA) women should be clear in definite percentage form.

Reservation should be 50 percent, not 33: Mayawati

Mayawati said that we hope that this time this bill will be passed, which has been postponed for a long time. Along with this, he said that if 50 percent reservation is given to women, then our party will welcome it also. He has demanded to set separate quota for OBC and SC and ST in women’s reservation. Mayawati said, ‘Instead of giving 33 percent reservation to the women of the country in Lok Sabha and State Assemblies, if 50 percent reservation is given to them keeping in mind their population, then our party will welcome it wholeheartedly, regarding which the government will also Must think carefully.

Out of the women’s reservation, the reservation quota for women of SC, ST and OBC categories should be ensured separately, that is, they, i.e. SC and ST, should not be included in the quota being received till now, otherwise there will be a lot of injustice to these classes. Will happen.

If this is not done then the backward women of these classes will not be able to get a chance on general seats here, because from the very beginning the casteist parties do not want to see these classes progressing in any field. Not doing this will also prove that the casteist mentality of the people of BJP and Congress Party & Company has not changed yet and these parties still want to keep these classes backward.

However, Mayawati also said that, even if these demands of BSP are not implemented by the government, our party will support this women’s reservation bill in the Parliament and will give full support in passing it, because here women of all castes and religions Women have still been kept far backward compared to men in every respect.