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Uttarakhand / Rishikesh: Man roaming around posing as a doctor caught in AIIMS, thousands of rupees recovered, transactions worth lakhs done on mobile

A young man roaming around in AIIMS Rishikesh posing as a fake doctor has been caught by the Seva Veers. The administrative officer of AIIMS has handed over the young man to the police. Along with filing a complaint, legal action has been taken against the youth and a thorough investigation has also been asked. The police have been involved in the investigation of the case.

Fake doctor caught in AIIMS Rishikesh

According to AIIMS PRO Harish Thapliyal, this morning a young man wearing a doctor’s uniform was seen roaming around under suspicious circumstances. On interrogating the young man, he identified himself as a doctor of Neurology Department. During interrogation, the young man’s words appeared suspicious. After which the administrative officials of AIIMS came to the spot.

Fake doctor looks suspicious

During interrogation, the young man was found roaming around wearing a fake doctor’s uniform. After which Administrative Officer Sandeep Kumar has given a complaint to AIIMS Outpost Police asking them to conduct a thorough investigation and take legal action against the young man who became a fake doctor. The youth has been identified as Sachin Kumar, resident of Krishna Nagar Colony, Rishikesh.

Transaction worth lakhs from fake doctor’s mobile

Sachin told AIIMS officials that he had worked as a hospital attendant in the DRDO hospital during Covid-19. After which he left from there. PRO Harish Thapliyal said that more than 50 registrations have been done in AIIMS from the mobile number of a fake doctor. Whose data has been recovered. Apart from this, more than Rs 10 thousand cash has also been recovered from him. Many transactions worth lakhs of rupees have taken place through his mobile.

Investigation into conspiracy of fake doctor

Apart from this, many types of fake documents have also been seen in Sachin Kumar’s mobile. This matter cannot be limited to just roaming around fakely wearing a doctor’s uniform. Many other types of conspiracies may also be involved in this. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate it thoroughly. Based on whatever facts emerge in the investigation, the police will be asked to take major action.

There is also this apprehension: Let us tell you that a large number of patients come to AIIMS for treatment. But due to limited number of beds, many people have to go back. In such a situation, some such people also take advantage of their helplessness. They earn huge commission in the name of sending them to private hospitals also. At the same time, fraud can take place in the name of providing various types of tests and beds.