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‘Nari Shakti Vandan Bill is a direct proof of Modi’s guarantee’, PM Modi said at BJP headquarters

PM Modi was given a grand welcome at the BJP headquarters after the Nari Shakti Vandan Act was passed in both the houses during the special session of Parliament. PM Modi said that the Nari Shakti Vandan Act has been passed with record votes in both the houses of the Parliament. The country was waiting for this for many years. This is a special time for the country.

PM Modi said that today the confidence of every woman is skyrocketing. Mothers, sisters and daughters of the entire country are celebrating. She is blessing us. The BJP government has had the privilege of fulfilling the dreams of the mothers and sisters. Nari Shakti Vandan Act is not a general law. This is the proclamation of the new democratic system of New India.

The Prime Minister said that our government has tried to remove the obstacles of every daughter of the country. Be it illness, house property, savings, daughter’s employment, education… BJP government has created new paths for all.

PM said- That’s why women’s reservation bill became possible

PM Modi said that efforts were being made for women’s reservation for so many decades, but it was not happening. This has become possible today, how did this happen? This is not done by Modi, crores of countrymen have done this. How is this done? The biggest reason for this is that the people of the country, the voters of the country, especially my mothers and sisters, voted and formed a government with full majority. The reason behind this is the strength you have given to the government, the majority you have given, it is because of that power that this government is able to take decisions. She is able to complete the work pending in Parliament for 30 years.

PM Modi said that earlier whenever this bill came in Parliament, there was whitewashing. There was never a sincere effort. An attempt was made to insult the woman. Yesterday some people also had objection as to why the word Vandan was brought? Is it not right to worship the women of the country?

PM said- Because of the majority government, the Women’s Reservation Bill has become a reality today.

The Prime Minister said that today there is a majority government in the country, so the Women’s Reservation Bill has become a reality. This law has once again proved that a government with absolute majority, a strong government and a decisive government is very necessary to take the country forward. I constantly talk about promoting women, because I have seen the potential of women.

PM said that I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat for many years. My experience is that when motherly power gets the job, what is its result? I have many examples of what the power of women is. We find the trend of positive change among women everywhere. It is visible everywhere in the family.

The Prime Minister said that the biggest benefit of this law will be that it will create great confidence in the women power of the country. PM Modi talked about women power by giving examples of Amul Dairy and Lijjat Papad. He said that when women power is involved in nation building, we can estimate how far the nation will progress. Women have reached Parliament across the country in the last 10 years. This is the power of the people. Your power showed its fruits that all political parties had to join this work.

Today, from family to Panchayat, sisters and daughters are doing better work. Women’s participation and role are becoming the strength of the country in every field. The new and modern Parliament building and the increasing representation of half the population in it will usher in new energy in the country.