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Bidhudi’s statement, Forest Nation Forest Election, India Vs India … What is the question of Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s statement has come to light regarding the unparliamentary statement of BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri. He has said that BJP does not have issues to contest elections and it is trying to divert attention. Ramesh Bidhuri’s statement is one of them. During this, Rahul Gandhi also spoke on the issue of One Election One Nation, he said that all this is one of the strategies of BJP to divert attention.

What to say on One Nation One Election

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s statement has come amid the ongoing One Nation One Election debate in the country. He has said that One Nation One Election is one of the BJP’s strategies to divert attention. After the independence of the country, we started with one election, wonder then why separate elections started being held. Chief Ministers were formed in different states and gradually it became a separate system. The issue in this country is black money, unemployment and inflation, on which BJP cannot contest elections, hence it is trying to divert attention.

Why the name of the coalition kept India?

He said that there is only one out of issues to dismantle the matter to India by changing the name of India. But we understand this conspiracy of BJP and we will not let them do it. Rahul said that if they support any businessman of India, what happens to them, what happens to them … we are not fighting with a political party now, we are fighting to protect the idea of India and that’s why we have kept our name India.