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India, Pooja Clothing for defeating Bangladesh, 4 wickets for silver medal

Another medal has been confirmed for India in Asian Games. Indian women’s cricket team has defeated Bangladesh by 8 wickets in the semi-finals. Hero of India’s victory was a fast bowler worship, who spent 17 runs in 4 overs and got four wickets. Thanks to the magnificent bowling of worship, India had allowed Bangladesh at 51 runs in 17.5 overs. Chasing this goal, the Indian team did not have much trouble. India lost two wickets in 8.2 overs and made the match. Bangladesh had decided to bat first after winning the toss. Pooja gave India wickets on the first ball of the match. Pooja got wickets on the fifth ball of the first over. After this, Bangladesh did not get the innings. By the end of the powerplay, Bangladesh lost four wickets for 21 runs. The Bangladeshi captain Nigger was the only battery that crossed the figure of the tenth. Nigger also did not raise this innings and made 12 runs. River River scored 9 runs. India’s bowling was so fantastic that a total boundary in Bangladesh’s innings. Apart from Pooja, Sandhu bowled very much. Sandhu spent only 10 runs in four overs and he managed to get one wicket. Rajshree got one wicket by spending 8 runs in 3.5 overs. Amanjot Kaur and Devika also got one wicket each. After the pursuit of 52 runs, India was not something special. In 3.5 over, India lost the wicket of captain memory Mandhana. Memory can be made 7 runs in 12 balls. However, Shefali took the front with Jemima. Shefali was dismissed by 17 runs. Jemima played a 20-run innings, however, with the help of India in the final.