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Madhya Pradesh: Bank employee had robbed his own bank, police revealed the conspiracy, recovered Rs 41 lakh

A surprising case has come to light from Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh. According to reports, the mastermind of the robbery in a bank in the district turned out to be a person working in the same bank. The amazing thing is that the same employee had gone to the police and lodged a complaint of robbery in the bank. Let us tell you that there was a robbery of Rs 41 lakh in Fatehpur Madhyanchal Gramin Bank late on Tuesday evening. After getting information about the case, the police immediately started investigating and within a few hours the matter was revealed.

5 miscreants looted the bank at gunpoint

In this case, the police have detained three accused including a bank employee and recovered the entire looted money. According to the information received, an incident of robbery took place in Fatehpur Madhyanchal Gramin Bank of Damoh district late on Tuesday evening. It was told that 5 miscreants came and robbed the bank at gunpoint. It was also said that the robbers also attacked a bank employee. The robbers had looted more than Rs 41 lakh from the bank. There was a stir in the area after receiving information about the robbery of Rs 41 lakh.

Looted amount of Rs 41 lakh recovered

When the police inspected the spot, they found 2-3 wads of Rs 100 notes in the drain. After examining the CCTV footage, the police became suspicious and based on that further investigation was conducted. According to the police, the bank employee who had lodged the complaint of robbery turned out to be its mastermind. The accused planned and executed the robbery in film style. When the bank employee was strictly interrogated, he spilled the beans. His two associates have also been detained. Looted amount of Rs 41 lakh has also been recovered.