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Putting false status of UP CM Yogi’s demise cost the youth dearly, he was arrested, case also registered

A youth who posted a false status of CM Yogi’s death has been arrested from Bareilly, UP. The youth has been identified as Saqib. A case has been registered against accused Saqib under serious sections.

What is the whole matter?

Late night, Saqib had posted the status of CM Yogi’s death and made it viral. Police have arrested the accused. Saqib is a resident of Gulab Nagar of Qila police station area.

It has been said in the FIR that Saqib Shamsi son of Mashkur Hussain is a resident of Mohalla Gulab Nagar, Bareilly. Saqib posted a defeated picture of CM Yogi in his status, in which it was written that Yogi ji was no more among us at 12.30 last night.

Jitendra Sharma, who lodged the FIR, said that Saqib’s action has hurt his sentiments and has also hurt other people. Therefore take action against Saqib.

Yogi Adityanath roared in Mahoba

On one hand, the fake news of CM Yogi’s demise was made viral by posting it in the status, while on the other hand, CM Yogi was fiercely targeting his opponents in Mahoba.

CM Yogi said that before 2017 there was terror of dacoits. There were big mafias. SP, BSP and Congress only gave mafia. They were spreading anarchy, looting, destroying the roads. They were playing with the lives of the youth. The safety of the daughter and the businessman was in danger. Development was at a standstill.

CM Yogi said that the population of Pakistan is 23 to 24 crores. PM Modi has brought 25 crore people out of poverty and led them to live a happy life. More people have escaped poverty here than the population of Pakistan. Tell those who are singing the praises of Pakistan that if you love Pakistan so much then why are you becoming a burden in India? Go to Pakistan and beg with bowls there too.