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5 lakhs each given to those who lost their lives in Kuwait, who is ‘Kuber’ Yusuf Ali of Lulu Mall

45 Indians were killed in a fire in a six-storey building in Kuwait. The bodies of the Indians killed in Kuwait were brought to India on Friday. Different financial assistance has been announced for the families of those killed in this accident. Two industrialists of Malayali origin have also announced financial assistance for the families of the deceased. According to a statement issued by the Kerala government, Yusuf Ali has announced an assistance of Rs 5 lakh for the family of each deceased. Ravi Pillai has announced an assistance of Rs 2 lakh to the family of each deceased.

What does Yusuf Ali’s Lulu Group do?

Yusuf Ali is famous for his charitable image. Yusuf Ali is the head of Lulu Group International. This group runs the chain of Lulu Malls, famous across the country. According to the company’s website, Lulu Group does business in 25 countries of the world. It has more than 260 retail outlets. More than 70 thousand people work in this group.

This company has opened Lulu malls in Hyderabad, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Bangalore, Lucknow and Coimbatore. Lulu Group plans to open malls in 12 more cities of India. According to the company’s website, Lulu Group does business in retail, hospitality, distribution, manufacturing and processing, hospitality and real estate. Its annual turnover is eight billion dollars. Yusuf Ali’s name is also recorded as the person who employs the most Indians abroad.

Where is Yusuf Ali from?

Yusuf Ali was born in Thrissur, Kerala in 1955. Yusuf’s father used to run a small grocery shop there. He did a diploma in business administration. After this, he went to his uncle who ran a retail store in UAE in 1973. Yusuf reached Abu Dhabi and tried his hand in the import-export business. In this connection, he had to travel a lot. During this time, he also got the idea of ​​opening a supermarket.

Owner of a luxury helicopter

Yusuf Ali is also known for his luxury life. He has a luxury Airbus helicopter worth Rs 100 crore. Eight people can travel in it simultaneously. This helicopter of his has also come to India. This helicopter has the logo of Lulu Group and ‘Y’ written on the back. This is the first letter of his name. Yusuf Ali bought this Airbus helicopter after a helicopter accident in India in the year 2021.