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FIR filed against Ajit Bharti for calling Rahul Gandhi anti-Hindu

An FIR has been filed against social media influencer Ajit Bharti for allegedly calling Rahul Gandhi ‘anti-Hindu’. The complaint was filed by a lawyer in Bengaluru. The complaint accuses Ajit Bharti of calling Rahul Gandhi anti-Hindu in his social media posts and videos. Ajit Bharti has been very active on Hindutva in his social media platforms and videos.

Social media influencers played a big role in the last Lok Sabha elections. Some people believe that mainstream media has lost a lot of credibility in recent times and in return people have paid more attention to listening to people on social media. In this environment, the words of youth like Ajit Bharti and Dhruv Rathee were widely heard by their supporters.

However, many questions were raised on the authenticity of the facts on social media and that is why many social media influencers are facing lawsuits for providing objectionable information. An FIR was also filed against Bhojpuri folk singer Neha Singh Rathore for posting objectionable posts on RSS.