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Attack on Gaza, 17 killed, Israeli army wreaked havoc on the night of Bakrid

The ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip intensified on the night of Bakrid. 17 people, including women and children, have been killed in these attacks on central Gaza. According to the report, these attacks took place at two places, where the homeless people were kept in refugee camps. These people died a painful death in the attacks on these camps at night. These people had come from Rafah, where Israel is already attacking fiercely and its army has penetrated deep inside. Israel says that now Hamas terrorists have taken refuge in Rafah city, so they can be destroyed only by attacking there.

According to the report, 10 people, including women and children, were killed in the first attack on the night of Bakrid. Five of these people belong to the same family. Apart from this, about 20 people were injured. Another attack took place after about an hour, in which seven people were killed. The entire family was killed in this horrific attack. These included innocent children and grandparents of the family. Israel has been accused of attacking refugee camps earlier as well. About 35 people are seriously injured in these two attacks, who have been admitted to hospitals.