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The war between Israel and Hamas continues, Netanyahu accuses Joe Biden of stopping arms supply

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday claimed that the US is holding back weapons. Netanyahu released a video criticizing Biden for obstacles in the transfer of weapons. Netanyahu did not say which weapons were being held back.

Netanyahu’s foreign policy adviser did not respond to a question asked about this. Netanyahu also claimed that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had said during a recent visit to Israel that he was working around the clock to end the problem of delays in arms supplies.

Delayed arms delivery to Israel

However, Blinken said at a press conference at the State Department on Tuesday that the only blockage in sending weapons to Israel was related to heavy bombs since May. It is worth noting that President Joe Biden has delayed arms delivery to Israel since May due to concerns about the killing of civilians in Gaza.

Fighting continues between Israeli troops and Palestinian fighters throughout the southern part, including Rafah. The Israeli army has said that it will continue to take action in Rafah and other places based on intelligence as before.

Residents of Rafah have reported that on Monday, the Israeli army reached deeper into the city through air and ground attacks, but fierce face-to-face fighting continues on the ground. Sounds of firing and shelling are constantly echoing in the air.