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Uttarakhand: NH officials’ gross negligence, dozens of lives in danger

A big negligence of NH officials has come to light from Lohaghat. Due to which there is a huge threat to the lives and property of 24 people living in three families in Singda.

Big negligence of NH officials

Let us tell you that during the construction of Allweather Road in Lohaghat, years ago, due to road cutting, the courtyard of three buildings near Singda collapsed, due to which cracks appeared in their houses. Giving information to our correspondent about the matter, the victim ex-serviceman Tej Singh Samant told that in the year 2021, he has visited the NH department and government office several times. But the NH officials did not build a security wall in front of his house.

The victim ex-serviceman pleaded for help

The victim ex-serviceman said that on not getting help, he also appealed to the Chief Minister in this regard. After which the NH officials were instructed by the Chief Minister’s Office to construct a security wall by June 15, 2024. After the instructions of the Chief Minister, the work of the security wall was started by NH. But the work was left incomplete. He told that his building completely shook due to the hole made by the compressor during the construction of the wall by NH.

Three buildings in danger

The victim ex-serviceman told that due to continuous rain for the last 4 days, his building has now completely come under threat. He does not have any other place to live. If there is any loss of life and property to the victim’s house and family, then the entire responsibility will be of the NH department. Giving information, the victim told that the buildings of two more families living near his house are also coming under threat.

Warning of self-immolation given to the administration

The victim told that 24 people live in the three buildings coming under threat. In heavy rain, all three families are forced to live in their house under threat. The victim families have appealed to the administration to protect their building and family’s life and property. Along with this, he has warned that if his building and family’s life and property are not protected, then the victim will commit self-immolation along with his entire family.