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Uttarakhand: Congress claims victory in Mangalore and Badrinath by-elections, Maharshi said – grapes will be sour for BJP this time too

Senior Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress leader and chief media coordinator Rajiv Maharshi said that the by-election for the Mangalore assembly seat to be held on July 10 will prove to be sour grapes for the BJP this time. He said that the BJP does not have faith in its local leaders here, so it has had to import candidates from Haryana. He said that Congress candidate Qazi Nizamuddin is going to create history by winning with a huge margin this time. There is no doubt left in this.

Maharshi said that with the end of the election campaign, the picture of Mangalore has now become as clear as a mirror that all the voters there are going to give Vijayshri to the Congress candidate. In Mangalore, the gateway of Uttarakhand, the situation of the BJP is going to be exactly like Ayodhya and not only its parachute candidate but also the leaders sitting in the state government will have to face embarrassment. Maharshi said that in the 2022 elections, Congress candidate Qazi Nizamuddin was defeated by a narrow margin. Then elections were being held simultaneously in the entire state and the Congress party could not work very hard on this seat, but this time the entire party is standing like a rock with Qazi Nizamuddin and during the entire election campaign, the top leadership of the party visited the entire constituency with full intensity and with the support of the people, the victory of Congress has been ensured.

He said that all the leaders including State Congress President Karan Mahara, Leader of Opposition Yashpal Arya, former CM Harish Rawat, former State President Pritam Singh camped in Mangalore area and strengthened the position of the party by communicating maximum with the people. It has become clear from the attitude of the voters that the Congress candidate will win this seat with a record margin of votes.

Maharshi said that similarly, Congress candidate Lakhpat Butola is going to win easily on the Badrinath seat. All the party leaders have done a great job of exposing the BJP by touring the Badrinath area extensively. All the senior leaders including former state president and Lok Sabha candidate Ganesh Godiyal have been present in the Badrinath area since the day of nomination and people have shown immense enthusiasm towards them. Maharshi said that Congress is going to show the BJP its place by winning both the seats and with that the change in the politics of the state will begin.