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Uttarakhand: Large scale transfer of police inspectors and sub-inspectors in Dehradun, here is the complete list

The district captain has finally done the reshuffle that was proposed for many days. Late night, SSP has transferred a total of 14 police officers including seven inspectors and seven sub-inspectors. Among them, Kundan Ram, in-charge of Raipur police station, who was in the news the most, has been removed. SSI Raipur has also been removed. Reshuffle has also been done in Cantt Kotwali, Nagar Kotwali and Rishikesh Kotwali. In the list released late night, SSP Ajay Singh has given postings on the basis of law and order and work.

New posting, new responsibility

  • Inspector Kailash Chandra Bhatt was sent from Incharge Inspector Kotwali Nagar to Incharge Inspector Police Station Cantt
  • Inspector Chandrabhan Singh was sent from Incharge SOG Nagar to Incharge Inspector Kotwali Nagar
  • Inspector Rakesh Gusain was made Incharge of different cells in Superintendent of Police City Office from Incharge Inspector Kotwali Dalanwala
  • Inspector Manoj Mainwal was made Incharge Inspector Kotwali Dalanwala from Incharge Cyber ​​Cell Police Office
  • Inspector Shankar Singh Bisht was made Incharge Inspector Kotwali Rishikesh from Incharge Inspector Kotwali Rishikesh
  • Inspector Rajendra Singh was sent from Incharge SOG Rural to Incharge Inspector Kotwali Rishikesh
  • Sub-Inspector Kundan Ram was sent from Police Station Incharge Raipur to SOG Nagar
  • Sub-Inspector Pradeep Negi was made Police Station Incharge Raipur from Senior Sub-Inspector Kotwali Dalanwala
  • Sub-Inspector Vaibhav Gupta was sent from Police Station Incharge Kalsi to Senior Sub-Inspector Police Station Sahaspur
  • Sub-Inspector Guman Singh Negi was made Senior Sub-Inspector Police Station Sent from Raipur as Senior Sub Inspector Kotwali Dalanwala
  • Sub Inspector Bhuvan Chand Pujara was made Police Station In-charge Kalsi from Senior Sub Inspector Police Station Sahaspur
  • Sub Inspector Ashish Kumar was sent from Outpost In-charge Dhara Kotwali Nagar to In-charge Field Unit Police Office
  • Sub Inspector Harsh Arora was sent from Outpost In-charge Kulhal Kotwali Vikasnagar to Outpost In-charge Dhara Kotwali Nagar
  • SSP Ajay Singh has said that late night, seven inspectors and seven sub-inspectors have been transferred while reshuffling the police station and outpost in-charges. Also, all the inspectors and sub-inspectors will leave for their new posting with immediate effect.