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A glance at positive environmental reform in lockdown

Ishika Sahni

Here we had a look at the positive thing happened this lockdown as negative prospects has a very vast discussion. This covid19 lockdown made the enviornment better for the people for their better life. This healing of planet has never seen before in the history on INDIA. There are many important reforms happened in the enviornment as we all are largely dependent on enviornment but we show some ignorance towards taking care of our enviorment which we are realising nowadays. Our this unwillingness towards the preservation of natural resources and sustainable development is not good for the beauty of earth. This lockdown we stayed at home and safe us and make our nature more beautiful. The tangible enhancement in nature made us believe that the earth can be saved

As we have seen many improvements in the water of Ganga in Haridwar. Now the water of Ganga is safe to drink. The Uttarakhand Pollution Control Board water from Har-Ki-Pauri in Haridwar was tested that the water has been classified as ‘’fit for drinking after chlorination’’ for the first time in decade. From the research we get to know that the major pollutant of the river water was industrial and municipality waste water as it was lockdown the drainage of industrial waste into the river water has stopped.

Another thing is that there is a huge improvement in the quality of air. As per the government data the average concentration of PM 2.5 plunged by 71 percent in the space of a week falling from 91 micrograms per cubic meter of March 27, after the lockdown began. After 30 years Dolphins spotted in Ganga River near Kolkata Ghats due to less polluted water. There is also a massive increase in Flamingo’s in the city of Navi Mumbai.

As the improvement in nature we had a hope in us that this hard time will also recovered and our planet will had improve from the destruction over several years.