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Indian nature consciousness needed for environmental protection: Naidu

Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu has called for emphasis on developing Indian nature consciousness for environmental protection, saying that efforts will have to be made to balance the deteriorating ecosystem.
In a message released on World Environment Day, Shri Naidu said, “We have to move towards sustainable agriculture, re-afforestation and stop marine pollution.

He said, “Today is World Environment Indian nature consciousness needed for environmental protection: NaiduDay. Re-adopt the nature consciousness rooted in the Indian tradition in your lifestyle. Man, like all living beings, is a part of nature, not the master. Human society can secure its future only by respecting nature.
Shri Naidu said that the country is playing an important role to protect the global environment. Clean renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies are being developed to protect the environment from pollution of fossil energy, measures are being taken to protect land and water sources from chemical and urban pollution.