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Uttarakhand : Now the government has taken care, all these shops will open on June 11 in COVID curfew

Government gave relief to shopkeepers, all these shops will open on June 11 in COVID curfew, know the day and time

The state government has allowed the opening of some other goods shops in the COVID curfew. On the other hand, Cabinet Minister and Government Spokesperson Subodh Uniyal said that it is necessary to take strict steps in the state in view of the infection, because the first priority of the government is to protect the lives of common people. On Monday, revised orders have been made by Chief Secretary Omprakash. The government has now decided to open crockery (utensil), hosiery, electronics, electricals, electronics parts, computer hardware and software, web designing, hardware paints, sanitary, stone, carpenters, furniture shops on June 11 from 8 am to 1 pm. Has decided. In the SOP issued on Sunday, the shops of these materials were not allowed to open.
On the other hand, earlier the time for loading and unloading goods from goods carrier vehicles was fixed from 9 pm to 5 am. Now it has been done for 24 hours. Permission has also been given for loading and unloading of goods in the godowns of all wholesaler, retailer shops. Subodh told that the traders have put some problems in front of him today, which have been resolved, while some problems will be solved later. Said that the cases of corona in the state have now reduced as expected, but still there is a need to be cautious. When the lockdown was imposed in the country last year, at that time there were only 543 infected cases in the whole country. He said that in view of the cases of black fungus, full preparations have been made by the state government.