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Uttar Pradesh : Strict action will be taken against those who disobey COVID protocol and social distancing: District Magistrate

⏺️An important meeting convened by the District Magistrate and the Commissioner of Police in view of the COVID control and the unlock done

⏺️Post COVID Hospital and Integrated COVID Control and Command Center will remain functional as before In the meeting, the District Magistrate gave instructions to make strict arrangements at railways, bus stops and airports to stop the import of virus.

⏺️Hundred percent of passengers coming from outside should be screened, antigen and RT-PCR test should be done for people with symptoms

⏺️Vaccination should be done for the staff of bus stop, railway station and airport, CMO will monitor all the arrangements

Lucknow : An important meeting was convened by District Magistrate Abhishek Prakash and Police Commissioner DK Thakur in the Smart City Auditorium in view of the COVID control and unlocking done. In the meeting, the District Magistrate told that two big waves of COVID infection have come, we have to be more alert now, and be ready to deal with any emergency. So that if the third wave comes. So we could have complete control over that. In the meeting, the District Magistrate told that we have to stop the infection from being imported. The infection is at a low level in the capital, but the infection can spread again by people coming from outside. In view of this, there is a need for strict monitoring at common points like airport, railway station and bus stop. From all these points, infection can come in the capital. Therefore, special vigilance should be taken at all these points and all arrangements should be made for COVID control. He also directed that 100% screening of all the people coming to the district should be ensured at airports, bus stops and railway stations. Mandatory thermal scanning of people should be done at each platform/terminal, if symptoms appear, then their antigen or RT-PCR test should be ensured immediately. Along with this, it should be ensured to provide daily details of everyone. At the same time, he also directed that the high risk zone where the active case is still more than 600. It should be ensured that the passengers coming from there should be tested compulsorily. Also, it should be ensured to monitor all the above arrangements by the Chief Medical Officer. Railway, roadways, transport and airport and other administrative officials were present.

In the meeting, the District Magistrate directed that testing should be ensured by the testing teams at Randomly Tracing Institute (Bank and Police Training Institute). Along with this, all the staff of airport, railway station and bus stop should be ensured to be vaccinated. Along with this, it should be ensured to get the vaccination done on the basis of work site vaccination in Reserve Police Line. Whereas Post COVID Hospital and Integrated COVID Control and Command Center will remain functional as before. The District Magistrate informed that joint teams of District Administration, LDA, Municipal Corporation and Police Department formed to comply with the COVID protocol, campaign will be launched on a large scale to apply masks and comply with social distancing. Movement without masks will not be allowed in the capital. Strict action should be taken against the violators. All the teams should be functional in their respective areas and ensure compliance of COVID protocol. He also directed that nodal officers will be appointed by the department round the clock in a week to ensure compliance of COVID protocol and masking at airports, railway stations and bus stops. on roster basis. The appointed nodal officers will ensure compliance of the Kovid protocol in their respective premises. In case of disregard, the responsibility of the nodal officers will be fixed. In the meeting, the District Magistrate directed the officials of the Municipal Corporation to activate the PA system of all the intersections to propagate the appropriate behavior of Kovid. Along with this, people should be made aware through pamphlets by the municipal teams who take the waste from house to house. Along with this, he directed that all the CCTV cameras installed in the hotspot areas with more cases should be activated, So that the compliance of the COVID protocol can be monitored in the hotspot areas. Also directed that arrangements should be ensured to install 50 CCTV cameras in the parking lot of the airport. While it is mandatory to ensure that all the markets are sanitized every day at night. Along with this, arrangements for sanitization should be ensured by the department inside the airport, bus stop and railway station and outside the premises by the Municipal Corporation. And the teams of 24 sector magistrates formed earlier will remain functional and discharge their duties in their respective areas. Will make sure