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Utar Pradesh / Kanpur : By sending a motivational video, the deaf were brainwashed

There was a preparation for some terrorist conspiracy behind the conversion

Aditya, a resident of Kakadev area of ​​​​the city, who was a victim of forced conversion, was missing from the house for several months. Just returned home two days ago. Aditya told that circumcision was done by paying 2000 rupees. By sending a motivational video on Instagram, he was made fanatic towards Muslim religion. Were looking to use the deaf.deaf as tools. He considers the Maulanas as his master. He opened many secrets of such conversions.

Conversion done on the pretext of job and marriage

A year ago, a teacher who came to give training at Jyoti Deaf School in Bithoor had motivated for conversion. After this, Mohammad Wasif, a resident of Chamanganj, contacted him through messenger and telegram. After this, on the pretext of getting a job and marriage, he got the conversion done. First of all, he got the conversion done by teaching Kalma. After this I was circumcised by paying Rs 2000. After this he also gave me a certificate of conversion.

Was sent to Delhi after conversion

After conversion he was first sent to Delhi Umar Gautam and Jahangir. From here he was sent to Kerala. Umar and his team were constantly attached to him. Along with funding, he was also given a private job there. During this, two teams from STF Kanpur Unit and Lucknow Headquarters also reached. Mute deaf Aditya told that there was a preparation for some terrorist conspiracy behind the conversion. After completely brainwashing the deaf and deaf, he was going to use them in his plan. But before that the conversion fall was exposed. Two Maulana were also arrested.