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Uttar Pradesh / Kanpur : Angry two councilors sitting outside the house accused the mayor of influencing development works

BJP councilor demands investigation against illegal occupations

As soon as the proceedings of the Municipal Corporation House began on Tuesday, two angry councilors opposed the house. BJP councilors Raghavendra Mishra and Nirmala Mishra sat outside the house. The councilors told that the attitude of the mayor is not good towards us. Development works are being affected in our ward. That’s why he is sitting outside the house. In the proceedings of the same house, the councilors raised their voice regarding illegal construction. Independent councilor Manoj Pandey expressed his opposition by tying a bandage in his mouth.

If you open your mouth, you will kill the land mafia

BJP councilor Ramesh Huti demanded an inquiry against the illegal occupations taking place in the ward in the House. The councilor said that whenever I raise my voice, the land mafia threatens to kill me. When Mayor Pramila Pandey asked the name, the scared councilor said who would give me security. The mayor ordered an inquiry into the matter. The councilor told that the land of the pond in Laxmipurwa has been captured and plotted by the land mafia.

Fierce debate with SP councilor

SP councilors Abhishek Gupta and Arpit Yadav raised the issue of plot allotment to the councilors. On this the mayor asked to raise this issue next time. On this the councilor said that I do not know whether you will have the government next time or not. The mayor said that our government is there and will continue to do so.