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Defense Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh said those who convert will not be spared

Kanpur : Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is on a visit to Kanpur on Monday. He reached here to meet his guru at Harihar Dham Ashram in Shyamnagar. Tribute to his Gurumata Mithilesh Dwivedi had arrived here. He died on June 21, where he stayed for about an hour. The Defense Minister said during a conversation with reporters that those who converted would not be spared.

On Mohan Bhagwat’s statement, Rajnath Singh said that Justice and Humanity have been the basis of BJP’s politics. On the question of Pakistani drone coming on the border of India, he said that I assure the countrymen that the country is completely safe. Whatever challenge will come, our army is capable to face it.
Claims to form BJP government again in 2022

Earlier, the Defense Minister going from Lucknow to Kanpur stayed for some time at the Van Vishram Bhawan of Bird Sanctuary in Nawabganj, Unnao. During a conversation with the media, he described the case of Pakistan’s drone attack on the Air Force Base as a cowardly act. He said that soon the attackers would be taught a lesson. The Defense Minister claimed that the BJP government would be formed again in 2022 on the basis of the results of the district panchayat president election.