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Uttarakhand/ Vikas Nagar : Aakil Ahmed was promoted and made the state general minister

Congress State Secretary Akil Ahmed has been awarded for the excellent work done during the Corona period and contribution to social service. Congress state president Pritam Singh has promoted Akil Ahmed to the post of state general minister. Aakil Ahmed, who returned to State General Secretary Pachhwadun, was given a grand welcome by Congress workers from place to place. Congress state president Pritam Singh said that during the Corona period, Aakil Ahmed did every possible service for the poor by risking his life. Worked to provide relief assistance to the last poor person of the area. This has strengthened the organization. Said that the organization would get more strength if Aakil became the state general minister. After being appointed as the General Secretary, Aakil Ahmed was accorded a grand welcome by the people in villages like Selakui, Rampur, Jassowala etc. District President Sanjay Kishor, who was present on the occasion, said that Aakil’s coronation will give more strength to the Congress organization in the election year. State General Secretary Akil Ahmed said that the Congress will be brought to power by winning the 2022 elections with a strong strength. Haji Noor Hasan, Former Block President Ramesh Panwar, Amit Panwar, Gulfam Jaan, Naseebu alias Monu, Arif, Haji Hameed Pehalwan, Haji Akhlakh, Haroon Bhai, Jamiluddin, Haji Saeed, Hafiz Ismail, Shahzad Ali, Mohammad Arshad, Haji Shahzad, Haji Nisar Ahmed, Asad, Sharukh Khan, Nizakat Ali, Qadir Imran, Jagdish Sharma, Anas, Munir, Aman Verma, Alarkha etc. were included.