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Uttar Pradesh / Pilibhit : Is the stone falling from the sky not a sign of calamity? Scientists came to investigate, people started arriving to worship

A stone fell with a loud bang on the night of Diwali at the house of Sunil Gupta, a resident of Inayatganj Mohalla in the district. The local people called it a meteorite. The discussion of the alleged meteorite fall also went on social media. In this connection, two members of the Indian Geological Conservation Department, Lucknow, reached Sunil Gupta’s house on Saturday. Members inspected the spot. Also took the alleged meteorite with him for investigation.

The alleged meteorite fell with a loud bang

Actually, on the last 24th, at around one o’clock in the night, a stone weighing about 10 kg fell from the sky on the roof of Sunil’s house. Hearing the sound of loud bang, the people around reached Sunil’s house. At the same time, till morning it became a matter of discussion. The local people called it a meteorite. As soon as the news spread, the police of the police station also reached Sunil’s house and took the photo and took it with them.

The stone was hot

Sunil told that as soon as the stone fell, the sound of a loud bang was heard. The iron sheet kept on the roof was damaged due to the falling of the stone. There were also cracks on the adjacent walls. Sunil told that when he went near the stone and saw it, it was very hot. When the matter came to light, experts of Geological Conservation Department Pawan Kumar and Polami Chaki reached Sunil’s house. Experts will send the stone to a lab in Kolkata for testing. He said that something can be said only after investigation.

People started arriving to pay obeisance

However, some people started bowing their heads by calling it a sky stone. Considering it as a stone of God, crowds of worshipers started reaching from far and wide. People say that the stone was hot for hours after the fall.