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Uttarakhand : Blackmailers want to destabilize the government… Former CM Trivendra Singh Rawat said on the allegation of money laundering

Former Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that the release of the culprits of the murder of Uttarakhand’s daughter in Delhi is unfortunate. The criminals who were sentenced to death by the High Court were acquitted. How this happened is a matter of great concern and is a subject of great study for the experts of law. How do criminals get away like this? On the allegation of money laundering, he said that the accusers are blackmailers and wolves, who want to destabilize the state government. Former CM Rawat was talking to reporters at the residence of BJP leaders Deepak Agarwal and Udit Agarwal on Girital Road on Wednesday.

He said he had nothing to do with money laundering. Efforts are on to wrap his advisor KS Panwar. Whereas there is no director of that company. The Reserve Bank has given him a clean chit in this matter thrice. No irregularities were found even in the state government’s two-time probe and he has got a clean chit. Said that those making allegations are anti-state and the people of the state have to recognize such people. On the recruitment scam, he said that there should be transparency in any government job, so that only the eligible people stay in the right place. Backdoor placement must stop. He congratulated the people of the state on the state foundation day and said that a huge positive change has taken place in the state.

The state has made great progress. This development has to be carried forward. We should channelize the energy of the youth in the right direction. During this, Mayor Usha Chaudhary, Khilendra Chaudhary, Gunjan Sukhija, Rajesh Kumar, Ram Mehrotra, Mukesh Kumar, Deepak Bali, Gurvinder Singh Chandok, Sanjay Chaturvedi, Manju Yadav, Riti Nagar, Radheshyam Prajapati, Kamlesh Kumar etc. were present.