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Rajasthan : For old age pension, people are getting old in the Aadhar card, elderly they are living at a young age!

Cases of raising pension by manipulating Aadhar and Jan Aadhar card were reported in the district. The Social Justice and Empowerment Department has recovered Rs 3.58 lakh from 400 people who raised the pension by messing up. The department will also take action against those e-friends who changed the age by falsifying documents. A letter has also been sent to register an FIR against the wrongdoers. It is worth noting that the mess of lifting the pension of the youth was revealed in August. After this, after investigation in the entire district, a target of recovery was prepared from 494 people (494 people changed their date of birth for pension). 3 lakh 58 thousand rupees have also been recovered from about 400 people out of these. According to Omprakash Toshniwal, Deputy Director of Social Justice and Empowerment Department, 9704 people had come under the scanner in the case of pension cases. Out of these, the investigation cases of 9210 people were found correct.

Investigation revealed that 494 people had taken pension illegally by messing up. Officials also say that it is difficult to say how much pension has been raised, but this figure is expected to be more than Rs 5 lakh. In the case of pension cases, the Information Technology Department will also take action against those e-friends who helped in the mess. More than 50 such friends are under investigation.

Messed up like this

Last year on October 2, 2021, the state government had linked the pension application with the Janadhar. In which online pension was being approved only on the basis of Janadhar’s date of birth. After this many people became beneficiaries illegally. He first got the date of birth changed in his Aadhar card and after that made this change in Jan Aadhar card also and applied for pension. These were also approved. In this case, he was supported by the E-Mitra operators and he made these changes while taking the amount illegally. In this way, I have also taken action against them.

These cases of malpractices came to light in August. Pension had come in the account of these people. In such a situation, one to two thousand rupees have to be recovered from most of the beneficiaries. At the same time, the pension amount of some people is more than 5000. The employees of the department say that they are looking at each form. Cases are being caught on the basis of date of manipulating the date of birth. Accordingly, recovery is being done from them.

Most cases from Peepalda

Omprakash Toshniwal also says that SDM office is doing recovery in respect of these 494 cases. The maximum number of cases are from Pipalda area of ​​Kota district. 314 cases were reported here. After this there were 80 cases in Sultanpur, 53 in Sangod, 13 in Khairabad and 5 in Digod. At the same time, out of 30 urban cases, Kota Municipal Corporation South has the highest number of 11 and Sultanpur 10 cases. In this regard, a letter has also been sent to get an FIR done against the wrongdoers.

Such cases came to the fore in the pension mess:

Case 01:

Couples who are 40 years older than the age of son and daughter: The date of birth of Pinky Kushwaha and Naresh Kushwaha, residents of Etawah subdivision, was also manipulated. Pinky’s original date of birth was changed to January 1, 1966. Her husband Naresh’s date of birth was changed to May 8, 1963. After this both became eligible to take pension and they are also getting the pension of social security. While the age of their daughter is 15 years and the age of son Anuj is only 11 years. In such a situation, there is a difference of more than 40 years in the age of son-daughter and parents.

Case 02:

Got it rectified by manipulation, still getting pension: Girvanta Gochar and her husband Dharmendra Gurjar, residents of Pipalda area, got social security pension by manipulating the date of birth. After that, he has got his support base back again. In which his date of birth 1997 is being marked. Despite this, he is getting a monthly pension of Rs 750. He has also got the pension of August. Girraj Kushwaha, Nanki Bai and Sahab Lal Suman are also involved in such cases.

case 03

Young age seen in the photo, yet acceptance: Devpura resident Dharmaraj and his wife Mamta also manipulated their date of birth. Mamta’s date of birth was January 1, 1965 and Dharamraj’s date of birth was March 1, 1963. Whereas his actual date of birth is something else. His young age is clearly visible in his photo given for the social security pension application. After seeing these photos, the pension of the beneficiaries has been approved.

case 04

Different Date of Birth in Janadhar and Pension Pay Order: Kali Bai and her husband Ramesh of Karwar Gram Panchayat of Etawah subdivision made changes by manipulating the date of birth. In which his date of birth has been given as March 23, 1963 and January 1, 1961, in the pension pay order of old age pension. Whereas his real date of birth has been given as March 23, 1989 and January 1, 1988. Despite this, he is getting old age pension.