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71 administrative officers of Bihar will do trekking in Uttarakhand, will also visit border villages

To promote adventure tourism and Himalayan trails, two newly developed beautiful treks of Uttarakhand, Pindari Glacier and Bagchi Bugyal have been declared Trek of the Year. Same, on these treks, a team of 71 officers of Bihar government will visit Ghes, a border village of Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand adventure tourism got a boost

Uttarakhand Tourism Secretary Sachin Kurve said that after the Kovid epidemic, a lot of trend is being seen among the people regarding adventure tourism and trekking. Due to this, Uttarakhand has declared its two new treks as Trek of the Year. Recently, a team of 48 administrative officers from Madhya Pradesh has gone back after trekking to the Pindari Glacier. At the same time, a visit of Bihar officials is also proposed in the border Himalayan village Ghes Bugyal of Uttarakhand.

Bihar officials will trek to frontier village

Rakesh Pant, co-founder of Trek the Himalayas, an organization that conducts trekking for Bihar officers in Ghes Bugyal, told that Bihar Public Service Settlement in which training is given to PCS rank officers. Under the same training programme, a team of 70 administrative officials from Bihar will undertake trekking on the Bagchi Bugyal and Brahmatal treks. Meanwhile, the focal point of these will be Ghes, a border village of Uttarakhand.

Administrative officers will communicate with the villagers

He told that teams of Bihar administrative officers will do two types of training. Firstly, there will be training in high altitude and harsh geographical conditions. Secondly, we will try to understand what kind of challenges are there in the social and basic environment of the frontier Himalayan village. During this, the administrative officers will also interact with the villagers.

Promotion of adventure activities

The Uttarakhand Tourism Department is engaged in the exercise of promoting the movement of tourists on the forest-developed Pindari Glacier and Ghes Bugyal Trek. Along with trekking in Uttarakhand, this scheme has been started to boost adventure tourism. Under this scheme, subsidy is also being given to the trekkers. Rakesh Pant, the founder of Trek the Himalayas, an organization that conducts trekking for administrative officers of Bihar in Ghes Bugyal, said that a good initiative is being taken by the government. Government is providing subsidy of ₹ 2000 per trekker on selected treks under this scheme. Which is very beneficial for trekker businessmen. This will also benefit the marginal remote rural areas of Uttarakhand.