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Uttarakhand : Congress Secretariat marched under the leadership of Pritam Singh, factionalism dominated here too, many Congress stalwarts including the state president remained absent

Uttarakhand Congress traveled to the secretariat. Chakrata MLA Pritam Singh called upon the Congress workers to march to the Secretariat. This demonstration was done on various issues of the state. In this there were many issues like UKSSSC paper scam, Ankita Bhandari murder case, increasing unemployment and inflation in the state, deteriorating law and order situation. During this, hundreds of workers from Chakrata Vidhansabha and all the leaders of the party gathered at the Ranger Ground ground and a public meeting was organized. At the same time, the factionalism of the Congress was seen once again. Congress spokesperson Garima Dasauni said that the Secretariat march is a personal program of Pritam Singh. Significantly, under the leadership of Pritam Singh, the Congress held a public meeting at the Ranger Ground in Dehradun. Leader of the Opposition Yashpal Arya and all other leaders were present in the public meeting. During the public meeting, the speakers said that due to the anti-people policies of the BJP government, today the public is doing trahimam trahimam. Everyday new scams are happening in the state. The Congressmen have also raised the demand for a CBI inquiry into the Ankita Bhandari murder case and the recruitment scam.

On the other hand, Gujbaji was once again seen inside the Congress. Congress spokesperson Garima Dasauni said that MLA Pritam Singh’s secretariat march program is his personal program. He said that when there are burning issues, no one is kept waiting. Because the issues are very important in their place. He said that former Chief Minister Harish Rawat is our senior leader, so it was very important for him to attend the meeting in Delhi. While Karan Mahara has not been able to attend the performance due to his busy marriage.

Harish and Karan missing from the posters

On the other hand, Harish Rawat and Karan Mahara are missing from the banners and posters during Pritam Singh’s Secretariat march. In such a situation, Congress says that the one who has knowledge of protocol, he gets posters and banners printed accordingly. Congress spokesperson says that many times the workers are not aware of the protocol. In such a situation, if the leadership of the organization is not put in the banners and posters, then it is a little knowledge of those workers.

Karan Mahra said

Congress state president Karan Mahara’s statement on this matter has also come to the fore. While holding a press conference in Haldwani, Karan Mahara said that the Congress is besieging the government at different places in the entire state. That’s why I am holding a press conference against the state government in Haldwani. All the Congress leaders are fulfilling their respective programs and responsibilities at different places.