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Punjab / Jalandhar: 4 girls accused of raping a young man! First dragged in the car, then caught and fed alcohol, then the four girls raped!

A surprising incident of kidnapping and sexual harassment has come to light in Punjab. According to media reports, a person working in a leather factory in Jalandhar has claimed that four girls in a car first kidnapped him and then raped him after giving him alcohol. She has claimed that the girls made her sit in the car with her hands tied and also blindfolded. However, the victim has not lodged any complaint with the police. The person has told that he works in a leather factory located on Kapurthala Road, Jalandhar. He was going home. During this, a white car stopped near him. There were 4 girls sitting in it. One of these girls took out a slip and showed it to him and asked him the address. When he started telling, some substance was put in his eyes. He had stopped seeing anything. Later he fainted. Then the girls forced her to sit in the car. The girls blindfolded him. Also tied his hands.

Raped by tying hands, drinking alcohol

The young man has told that all the four girls were drunk. She took him to some unknown place. There they also forced him to drink alcohol. After this, when he was drunk, he had sex with her. She has claimed that she later dropped him outside the Leather Complex blindfolded and handcuffed. The youth has also told that the girls seemed to be from a good home as they were all talking in English and Punjabi. He claims that he told this to his family after coming home.

No complaint in police

However, no complaint has been lodged with the police on his behalf. In such a situation, its confirmation has not been done yet. The young man himself has claimed in this regard. According to media reports, the reason behind not going to the police has been told by the young man that he was denied by the family that he has returned safely. In such a situation, he should not go to the police. It has been claimed in the media report that after getting information from the youth, the intelligence department has started gathering more information in this regard.