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Uttarakhand / Pauri : Terror continues from mountain to field, Guldar took away 5 year old innocent, died

Guldar’s terror has been seen again in Pauri district of Uttarakhand. Guldar, who was returning home after playing in Nisni village of Pabau block, made a 5-year-old innocent a morsel. After which there is an atmosphere of panic in the entire village. As soon as the information about the incident was received, there was chaos among the family members. Enraged by the incident, the villagers have demanded to capture and shoot Guldar. Villagers say that there is constant panic of Guldar in the area. Has attacked people many times. The Forest Department has started patrolling to catch the man-eating Guldar.

In Uttarakhand, from Pauri district to Dehradun, Haridwar and Uttarkashi, there is terror of Guldar in the residential areas. Guldar was also seen on the roadside in Bhatwadi of Uttarkashi for the last few days. Due to which there is panic among the people. The continuous movement of Guldar has created fear among the people. The video of Guldar roaming freely in the area is also going viral on social media. Guldar attacked a farmer working in the field in Dhanauri, Haridwar. The farmer immediately retaliated with the shovel and made Guldar run away. Hearing the noise, Guldar ran away after seeing the gathered farmers. It was told that the farmers were irrigating their fields. Then Guldar attacked. Meanwhile, in Lansdowne also, Guldar’s terror is not taking the name of stopping.

Last Sunday itself, Guldar came to the rock near the gate of Dharamshala situated in the middle of the population and sat for a long time. When the local people and tourists raised an alarm, the henchman fled. Earlier in Dehradun’s Raipur area also Guldars were found roaming on the roadside and in people’s homes. Which was also rescued by the Forest Department team. In the month of July, Guldar attacked two women in Bironkhal of Pauri, after which Guldar himself died. Who was trying to attack women by entering their homes.