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Aftab’s polygraph test continued for several hours, many times he was uncomfortable on the questions of psychologists

The second session of polygraph test of Aftab Amin Poonawala, accused in the Shraddha Walkar Murder Case in Chhatarpur area of ​​the national capital Delhi, is going on today. Aftab’s polygraph test is going on for about four hours at the Forensic Science Laboratory in Rohini. After this, the police will leave for South Delhi with Aftab from the laboratory.

In this regard, FSL director Deep Verma said that Aftab’s polygraph test is going on. Questions are being asked to him, maybe even tomorrow Aftab will be called for the test.

Many questions asked from love life to murder
According to sources, in the polygraph test, psychologists asked Aftab several questions ranging from his live-in relationship to Shraddha’s murder. During interrogation, there are two chairs and a table in the room. Psychologists are asking Aftab questions one by one.

Fluctuating pulse rate
One psychologist comes out after questioning and the other is going inside the room. During interrogation, he was first relaxed by inquiring about him. After asking seven questions, questions related to Shraddha’s murder were asked. During this, the pulse rate of the accused fluctuated.

Such questions will also be asked during narco test
Psychologists are asking questions around the same question during which he became uncomfortable. Along with this, the questions during which Aftab’s pulse rate fluctuated were underlined. Only the underlined questions will be asked during the narco test in a roundabout way. Videography of the test is also being done.