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Air India hostess will not be seen in designer earrings, size of bindi, number of bangles fixed, guidelines on hairstyle of mail crew

Air India has issued grooming guidelines for cabin attendants. In this, from the size of bindi to the number of bangles has also been fixed. It has been said in the guideline that the size of the dot should not be more than 0.5 cm. Wearing more than one bangle is also not allowed. The hairstyle of the mail crew is also mentioned in the guideline. TOI has published a report regarding this.

Mail crew members with less hair will have to keep bald look
According to the report, Air India has asked those members of the mail crew who have less hair or who have baldness to keep a clean shaven head ie bald look in the grooming guidelines. Such crew members have also been asked to shave their heads daily. At the same time, crew members cannot have disheveled hair, or hairstyles with long matted hair.

Female crew will not be able to wear pearl earrings
Female crew members are not allowed to wear pearl earrings. Bindi is optional, but its size should not be more than 0.5 cm. Women crew can wear only one bangle on their hands, but the bangle should not have any design or stone.

High top knot hair tie
Apart from this, women crew cannot use high top knot and low bun style to tie hair. Female crew can wear only gold and diamond round shaped ear rings without any design. Sheer calf length stockings matching the skin tone are also essential with both saris and Indo-Western wear.

Permission of only one ring in both hands
On the other hand, only one ring is allowed to be worn in both hands, but the condition is that the ring should not be more than 1 cm in width. Apart from this, female crew members have been given permission to use only four bobby pins. Applying henna is also not allowed.

No religious or black thread allowed
The guidelines state that religious or black thread is not allowed to be tied on the wrist, neck and ankle. Apart from this, the crew is also not allowed to carry plastic bags or shopping bags in the public area.

Eyeshadow, lipstick, nail paint required
Crew members have been asked to use eyeshadow, lipstick, nail paint and hair shade cards as per the uniform. Crew members with gray hair must use a natural black shade. Air India had released a long list of guidelines a month ago. However, now another document has been issued, in which the necessary changes in the Uniform Guidelines have been highlighted.