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Infrastructure Development Board will be formed this month, Uttarakhand will become the third state to do so

To achieve the target of doubling the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) in the next five years, Uttarakhand will have to run with a growth rate of 14 per cent. To put this resolution on the ground, Uttarakhand Infrastructure Development Board will be formed this month like Punjab and Gujarat. The proposal for the formation of the board will be placed in the upcoming cabinet meeting.

Currently GSDP estimated at 2.70 lakh crore

The GSDP of the state is currently estimated at Rs 2.70 lakh crore. The Dhami government has decided to double the present size of the state’s economy within the next five years, that is, to reach about five and a half lakh crores. To implement this decision, the government is taking the services of MKG, an American organization expert in the field of management. A two-year contract has been signed with the institution. In the first six months, this institution will make necessary preparations for preparing the blueprint for the economic development of the state. Under this, the resource potential of the state will be studied through detailed meetings with the departments involved in the core sector. After this, an action plan for department-wise capacity development will be prepared. Uttarakhand Infrastructure Development Board will be responsible for implementing this action plan. The board will start work in this direction with its formation.

The action plan made will be implemented without delay

After six months, the action plan made through McKenzie to double the GSDP will be implemented without delay. To fulfill the resolution taken by the state, it will have to walk on the path of rapid economic development. In view of the need to speed up the growth rate of 14 percent on an average every year, the concerned departments will also have to improve their functioning. The board will also play this role. Planning Secretary R Meenakshi Sundaram said that the board would be constituted this month itself. Punjab and Gujarat have already constituted such boards. Uttarakhand will become the third state. The board will work under the planning department.

McKenzie started work in Uttarakhand

Moving forward on the contract with Uttarakhand, the McKenzie organization started work from Monday. A team of about 12 members of the organization reached the secretariat. The organization will hold a meeting with the secretaries of all the departments. A meeting was held with the health department on Monday. There will be a meeting with the Agriculture Department on Tuesday and the Tourism Department on Wednesday. After this there will be meetings with other departments respectively. These meetings are of preliminary level. After this, a round of detailed meetings will also go on.