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Cold wreaks havoc in this city of UP, 25 people died due to heart attack and brain stroke in 24 hours

The winter in the district has broken the records of the last 50 years. Mercury is continuously making new records. In such a situation, the difficulties of the people have increased a lot. The increasing cold is now becoming fatal as well. Because the death toll from heart attack and brain stroke is increasing day by day.

According to the data released by Kanpur’s Lakshmipati Singhania Heart Institute for the last 24 hours, 25 people have died. Vinay Krishna, director of cardiology department, told that 7 people died due to heart attack. These people were being treated here, while there are 15 such people who died before reaching the Heart Disease Institute. He told that a total of 22 people died of heart attack and 3 people died of brain stroke. While 723 people are being treated in cardiology.

Doctor’s advice

Vinay Krishna, director of the cardiology department, said that due to the cold, the number of patients is increasing here. He said that it is very important to avoid cold to avoid diseases related to heart and brain. Get out of the houses only if it is very necessary. Stop morning walk completely, along with this eat nutritious food. If you have any pain in the heart or mind or chest problem, consult a doctor immediately.

Mercury reached 3.2 degree, breathless due to severe cold

the same time, the minimum temperature of 3.2 degree Celsius was recorded at Chandrashekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology (CSA) in the city on Friday. Dense fog capped the upper surface of the atmosphere and melting forced people to remain imprisoned inside their homes. This happened years later, when on January 6 in Kanpur, the mercury was recorded around 3 degree Celsius. CSA meteorologist Dr. SN Sunil Pandey says that there is no hope of getting relief till January 10.