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Law Minister rejected the warning of the Supreme Court, Kiren Rijiju said – no one can give warning to anyone, the people are the owners of the country

Law Minister Kiren Rijiju has rejected the Supreme Court’s warning on Saturday. Rijiju said that it is being said in some media reports that the Supreme Court has given a warning. While here no one can warn anyone. We are public servants, we work according to the constitution. Rijiju was speaking at a program in Prayagraj, UP.

The Supreme Court on Friday expressed displeasure over the delay in the appointment of judges. The court warned the Center not to force us to take such a stand, which would cause trouble. On this, the Center had filed an affidavit saying that the recommendation sent for the appointment of 5 judges in the Supreme Court would be approved in the next five days. However, within 24 hours, the Center approved all the five recommendations on Saturday.

Full statement of Kiren Rijiju

Rijiju said, ‘I saw that it is being said in the media reports that’ the Supreme Court has given a warning (on the collegium). The people here are the owners of this country, we are just servants. Our guide is the Constitution. The country will run according to the constitution. No one can warn anyone. We see ourselves as servants of this great country, that in itself is a great thing. People have given us a chance to work. All of you are privileged people, have become judges-lawyers… they have become so by being educated. We are lucky to have got the responsibility to work for the country.

The names of the judges were recommended by the collegium

The Supreme Court Collegium had recommended 5 names to the government on 13 December. These included Justice Pankaj Mithal Chief Justice Rajasthan HC, Justice Sanjay Karol Chief Justice Patna HC, Justice PV Sanjay Kumar Chief Justice Manipur HC, Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah of Patna High Court and Justice Manoj Mishra of Allahabad HC.

The number of judges in SC increased to 32

During the hearing, Attorney General R Venkataramani told a bench of Justices SK Kaul and AS Oka that the warrant for appointment of 5 judges would be issued soon. The sanction strength of the judges in the Supreme Court is 34 including the CJI. With the approval of the Center for the appointment of five judges, the number of judges in the Supreme Court has increased to 32. Earlier the court was functioning with 27 judges.

What is the Supreme Court Collegium?

The collegium on which this entire controversy is taking place is the system of appointment and transfer of judges in the High Court and the Supreme Court. The members of the collegium are the judges. They send suggestions of names for appointment of new judges to the Prime Minister and the President. After approval, judges are appointed.

The collegium system was implemented in the country in the year 1993. The Collegium consists of 5 members. CJI is the head in this. Apart from this, there are 4 most senior judges. Right now it has 6 judges.

Center wrote to CJI to include its representative

On January 16, Law Minister Kiren Rijiju wrote a letter to the CJI asking him to include his representative in the collegium. To respond to the Centre’s stand, the Collegium headed by the CJI decided that this time the entire matter should be made public.