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Bihar: The stone was floating in the water, ‘Shri Ram’ was written on it … Crowd gathered to see

An 8-year-old boy brought home a stone in Bhagalpur, Bihar. He used to find this stone floating and Shriram is written on it. In fact, Brigadier Paswan, the eight-year-old son of Vijay Kumar Paswan, a resident of Khanjarpur, was going to Diyara to bring cow fodder. Meanwhile, he saw a stone floating near Dhobi Ghat. That’s why the innocent child went close to the stone. When the stone was picked up, that stone was very light, in which Shri Ram was written. Brigadier Paswan reached home with the miraculous stone, where hundreds of people from around reached the Brigadier’s house to see the stone. There are many types of discussions among people. It is also told that the stone is very old.

Although scientists say that it is a rough stone with a lot of pores like a sponge. Air is filled in it, just like a sponge and for this reason its density is less than that of water, due to which it floats on water. These are the words of scientists, but this stone with Shriram written on it has become the center of people’s faith. There is an influx of people who visit this stone. Some are saluting him, some are looking at him with astonished eyes, while some say that this is a miracle of Lord Shriram. Seeing Shri Ram written on the stone, people also started worshiping the stone. People are considering it as the blessing of Lord Shri Ram.

Vijay Kumar Paswan says that the son brought the stone home, after that when we put that stone in the water, it started floating, the matter did not end here, the faith started when Shriram was written in that stone. Was.