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The central government made a new plan… now flour will be sold at a cheaper rate, these steps have been taken

The central government is in tension due to the rising prices of wheat in the country. Where the price of wheat should be around 30 rupees. At the same time, in many states, the price of wheat has reached Rs 50 per kg. Wheat has been bought in the market for Rs 5000 per kg. Due to such a jump in the price of wheat, the budget of the common man’s kitchen has gone awry. Continuous exercise is going on from the level of the central government to reduce these rates. The central government has launched a huge amount of wheat in the market. It is expected that the common man will get relief and the lines of worry will also disappear from the forehead of the Central Government.

Flour will be sold at cheap rates from today
The central government has announced to sell flour at cheaper rates from 6 February. Today is only 6 February. According to the instructions of the central government, cooperative societies like Kendriya Bhandar and Nafed will be able to sell flour at Rs 29.5 per kg. National Cooperative Consumers Federation of India Limited and National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India will start selling flour at a lower price from 6 February. The common consumer will easily get flour at a price of Rs 29.5 at government outlets. A complaint can be made for selling flour at a higher rate.

E-auction will be held every Wednesday
Central government agency FCI has decided that to bring the price of wheat and flour in the country under control, e-auction of wheat will be held in different states every Wednesday. E-auction is also to be held this Wednesday. FCI has launched 30 lakh tonnes of wheat in the market to bring the prices of flour under control. Its big impact can be seen in the market.

9.2 lakh metric tonnes of wheat sold in the first week
On Wednesday also, wheat was auctioned in many states of the country. The responsibility of selling wheat from the central government level has been given to the Food Corporation of India (FCI). As per reports, more than 1150 bidders participated in the wheat auction conducted by FCI. About 9.2 lakh metric tonnes of wheat was sold across the country. Soon the remaining wheat will also be auctioned at the level of FCI.

Out of 25, 22 lakh metric tonnes will be sold
It is the endeavor of the Central Government to maintain control over the domestic consumption of wheat in the country. As the consumption decreases and the demand for wheat increases. This is how prices start to rise. If the effect of wheat comes on flour, then the budget of common people’s kitchen gets shaken. In view of this, FCI has offered 22 lakh metric tonnes of wheat out of 25 lakh metric tonnes through e-auction. At the same time, a total of 30 lakh metric tonnes of wheat will be launched in the market. Out of this, 2 lakh metric tonnes of wheat will be given to the states, while 3 lakh metric tonnes will be supplied through central stores and NOFED. The committee headed by Amit Shah himself is monitoring it.