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Ranbir Kapoor was secretly talking to Dream Girl, Alia caught stealing from behind!

You already know how naughty the dream girl Pooja is. Everyone saw her flirting with Pathan a month ago and now she has fallen in love with Bollywood’s biggest swindler i.e. Ranbir Kapoor. You must be thinking that what are we talking about. So let us tell you that the new teaser of Dream Girl 2 has been released in which Ayushmann Khurrana is once again seen as Dream Girl.

Funny new teaser
While Ayushmann was seen talking with Pathan in the old teaser, in the new teaser he is seen talking with Makkar i.e. Ranbir Kapoor. However, Aaliya’s voice also comes in between and she catches Ranbir’s theft.

So you have seen the funny teaser. The film is going to release on July 7, in whose promotion the stars are still engaged. Especially Ayushman Khurana has taken this responsibility on his shoulders. Dream Girl was a tremendous hit, now the same story will be shown further in a new style. But this time Ananya Pandey is going to appear in the film instead of Nusrat Bharucha.

Ayushmann needs a hit
It is also true that people like Ayushmann’s films a lot, but there is no doubt that Ayushmann has not given a big hit for a long time. His films are getting released but at the box office they are not doing the same thing that is expected from his films.

These films flopped
Recently, his Doctor Ji, an action hero, had several releases. All these three films were of completely different genres, yet they have not been liked much. In such a situation, Ayushmann’s career is in dire need of a big hit.