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Uttar Pradesh / Jalaun: The poor’s house was being built under the PM housing scheme, as soon as the foundation was dug, the treasury started rattling … more than two and a half hundred coins came out

During the excavation for the construction of a house in UP’s Jalaun, ancient silver coins were found from the ground. As soon as the news of getting coins from the ground spread in the village, people gathered to loot them. As soon as the information about the old coins coming out of the ground and looting them, the administrative officer along with the police team reached the spot. The coins found from the ground were seized and informed to the Archaeological Department. Police force has been deployed on the spot, so that the area can be monitored. These old coins are of silver, which used to run during the British rule in 161 years old in 1862. During the excavation of the land, ancient silver coins and jewelery have come out from the house of Kamlesh Kushwaha, a resident of Vyaspura village of Jalaun Kotwali area. Kamlesh Kushwaha was digging the soil for the construction of his house. When the laborers were digging the soil in the evening, then a laborer’s shovel collided with a utensil. Hearing the voice, he called the landlord and when digging was done in front of him, a pot was found. When it came out, hundreds of silver coins and silver ornaments were seen in it, seeing which the landlord was shocked. He tried to hide the silver coins and jewellery, but the news of getting the jewelery and silver coins spread like wildfire in the village. To see which the people of the village reached Kamlesh Kushwaha’s house.

Coins were prevalent in 1862

The people of the village informed the police administration about the discovery of ancient coins. As soon as the information was received, the Deputy Collector of Orai Tehsil, Jalaun Kotwali reached the spot along with the police. They confiscated the coins found during the excavation. Also informed about this to the Archaeological Department. Excavation is being done in the vicinity under the supervision of the police, so that it can be ascertained that the coins are not buried anywhere else inside the ground. On the other hand, the coins seized by the administration were prevalent in 1862, 161 years old from today. Sun is also written on these coins. Along with the coins, silver jewelery and bangles have been found.

More than 250 coins found so far

In this case, Deputy District Magistrate of Orai, Rajesh Singh told that he got information about getting coins during the excavation. He reached the spot with the police team. The house where the coins were found was under construction and it is the house of Kamlesh Kushwaha. Police has been deployed at that place from the point of view of security. Simultaneously, the coins have been seized and sent to the police station. So far more than 250 silver coins have been found. Also silver bangles have also been found. Along with the forensic team, the Archaeological Department has also been informed about this, so that information about their antiquity can be obtained. When asked about the looting of ancient coins, he told that it is also being investigated. Along with this, efforts are being made to find out how many coins were recovered from the spot.