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Uttar Pradesh: The village started being called the IAS factory! This village with only 75 houses has given 47 IAS and IPS officers to the country

Everyday you read the struggle, success stories of the candidates who passed the UPSC exam. Today’s story is a bit more special. Today we are going to tell you about that village in the country from where the country has got the maximum number of IAS IPS. This village is Madhopatti village of Jaunpur district, about 300 kilometers away from Lucknow, the capital of UP. Media reports tell that Madhopatti village with only 75 houses has given 47 IAS and IPS officers to the country. Apart from UPACC, including the residents of the village who are working on big posts, then in total 51 people are posted on big posts. This small village, which has given 47 IAS IPS officers, has also become the center of media attraction.

For the first time in the year 1952, from Madhopatti village, Dr. Induprakash secured the second rank in UPSC. He got the post of IAS. Dr. Induprakash’s four brothers also became IAS officers. Induprakash has been ambassador of many countries including France. In the year 2002, Dr. Induprakash’s son Yashasvi became IAS by securing 31st rank. Reports written quoting the people of the village show that most of the people working in high positions have little to no connection with the village.

Reports say that since 2019, no IAS IPS officer has been made from Madhopatti village. It is mentioned in the reports quoting Ranvijay Singh, a resident of the village who does social service related to the education sector, that one after the other from this village went to the Indian Administrative Service. Due to which the village started being called the factory of IAS. But everyone was so busy in fulfilling the responsibilities they got from their work that they did not turn back to see the village.

Village resident Ranvijay Singh told the media that apart from IAS, many PCS officers have also been made from Madhopatti village. The women of the village have also become PCS officers. Not only male officers became IAS IPS from the village, but daughters and daughters-in-law have also won laurels. The young men and women of the village who became officers brought fame to their respective fields but could not make the village shine. People working on high administrative posts could not attract the attention of the government regarding the development of the village.

Kartikeya Singh, a teacher of the village, told the media that the credit goes to Tilak Dhari Singh Post Graduate College of Jaunpur district for passing the UPSC and other big posts recruitment exam in such a large number from the village. Teacher Kartikeya Singh said, students start learning the basics of civil service exam preparation at college time itself. It can be said that students get coaching till they clear their basic from here itself.