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Imran Khan’s outburst of pain, said – ‘Look at the TV channels of India, they are laughing at the situation in Pakistan’

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was in pain while describing the situation in his country. Citing the example of Indian TV channels, he said that look at Indian TV channels, how they are making fun of the situation in Pakistan. Imran said that Indian channels are happily announcing that Pakistan is moving towards destruction. He also said that at the time of independence, Indians made fun of Pakistan that it would not be able to survive and would soon merge back into India. Please tell that Imran said these things while addressing a meeting through virtual medium.

‘India is happily announcing the devastation of Pakistan’

In his speech, Imran Khan said, “This kind of Pakistan cannot go on. See how Pakistan is being mocked on Indian TV. They are happily telling on their TV that Pakistan is going towards destruction… This was when Pakistan was formed… What was the threat to Pakistan because the leaders of India were saying that they will not last long… They will meet us again In. This was his from the beginning. Why did we again put emphasis on our security… why did we raise our army… cut our stomachs to get the army and why did the army save us by playing a tremendous role.”

‘Our children have no future’

On the issue of children, the PTI chief said that the way they (politicians) are behaving with the country, there is no future for you and your children. He said that Pakistan was formed because we wanted to be an independent country. We wanted to be a nation in which there is rule of law. We have everything except the rule of law. The murder of Zile Shah is proof of this.