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Uttar Pradesh / Azamgarh: The groom did not control his tongue, the bride refused to marry, uncontrollable, the procession returned before farewell on dirty talk

The case that has come to light from Azamgarh district of UP is very shocking. Here, after seven rounds, the bridegroom said something to the bride’s friends that created a ruckus. When the bride came to know about this, she broke off the relationship. In fact, after taking rounds in a village in Bardah, the angry bride called off the marriage because of the groom’s abusing in Kohbar. The groom was abusing the women for giving two hundred rupees. The gharatis took the bridegroom, his family members and the baraatis hostage. After the panchayat which lasted for four hours at the police station, the groom’s side gave Rs. After this the relationship ended.

Bardah police station in-charge Sanjay Kumar Singh said that the procession of Dharmendra’s son Hiralal, a resident of Wajidpur Dakshin village of Line Bazar of Jaunpur, had come to a village in Bardah on Saturday evening. Jaimal etc. programs were completed peacefully. The marriage rituals were performed late at night. After pheras on Sunday morning, the bridegroom went to Kohbar. The bride’s friends, relatives and women present inside started giving omens to her while conversing. During this, a female relative gave two hundred rupees. The groom got angry on this and threw the note on the woman.

He started abusing women while talking nonsense. Relatives were stunned by his behaviour. Angered by his behavior, the bride refused to go with him. The gharatis took the bridegroom, his family members and the baraatis hostage. The police took both the parties to the police station at one o’clock in the afternoon. After the panchayat which lasted for about four hours, the groom’s side gave Rs 5.80 lakh. After this, both the parties mutually ended the relationship.

What’s the count of five thousand two, one hundred, two hundred

After going to Kohbar, the bridegroom lost his temper after being given two hundred rupees as an omen by the bride’s relative. According to the villagers, he said that if you want to give then give two thousand, five thousand. What is the count of 100-200 rupees. The bride was enraged by this treatment of the female relatives. He said that when they behave like this at our house, then what will they do with me by taking them to their home.