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Army started Skin Bank for the first time, know what is its purpose?

The Army Research and Referral Hospital has launched a state-of-the-art skin bank facility centre. This is the first facility of its kind in the Armed Forces Medical Services. The aim of this historic initiative is to bring revolutionary changes in the treatment of serious body diseases and other skin related diseases to military personnel and their families due to burn injuries. This skin bank will serve as a major center for the collection, processing, storage and distribution of skin grafts.

Objective of this facility center

Let us tell you that the purpose of setting up this facility center is to provide the most advanced skin replacement treatment facility to military personnel and their families.

What will be in this skin bank?

A team of highly trained medical professionals including plastic surgeons, tissue engineers and specialized technicians will work in this skin bank. This facility center will follow the highest standards of quality control and safety, ensuring the strength and reliability of skin grafts.