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Uttarakhand / Haridwar: Attempt to rob a jewelry shop, businessman showed courage, then…

The courage of the miscreants in Haridwar is increasing day by day. The latest case is from Kankhal police station area. Where two miscreants entered a jewellery shop in broad daylight in an attempt to rob. During this, when the businessman showed courage, the miscreants attacked the businessman with the butt of a pistol and fled.

Attempt to rob a jewellery shop

The incident is of Tuesday. According to the information received, there is a shop named MK Jewelers on the roadside in Panjhanheri village of Kankhal police station area. Three masked miscreants arrived outside the shop on a bike. One of them was standing on the bike and two entered the shop and put down the shutter of the shop.

The miscreants fled after seeing the courage of the businessman

One miscreant tried to scare the businessman with a pistol. Then the other attacked the businessman with the butt of the pistol and made him bleed. Due to which the businessman got injured. Despite this, the businessman showed courage and started opposing the miscreants. Seeing the courage of the businessman, the miscreants fled from the shop.

Police engaged in search of the accused

The businessman has reached Jagjitpur police station and given a complaint to the police regarding the matter. On the basis of the complaint, the police has registered a case against unknown accused. The police has started scanning the CCTV cameras installed at the scene of the incident. Along with this, the search for the accused is going on.