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Uttarakhand: 100 crores were spent on the rescue of Silkyara tunnel accident, the government could not recover it even after seven months

About Rs 100 crore was spent in the rescue of Silkyara tunnel accident. Even after 7 months of this incident, the government has not been able to recover the Rs 100 crore spent in the rescue operation. Congress has raised questions about this. Along with this, Congress has also raised questions about the government’s announcement of safety audit of the tunnel.

Rs 100 crore was spent in the rescue of Silkyara tunnel accident

Silkyara tunnel accident happened in November 2023 last year. Even after seven months of this accident, Rs 100 crore spent on the rescue operation could not be recovered. Neither could the debris be cleared here. Congress has launched a scathing attack on the government regarding this. Congress says that from this the collusion between the government and Navayug company can be understood.

Congress chief spokesperson Garim Dasauni says that bills of more than 100 crores spent by several departments on the rescue operation of the Silkyara tunnel accident were sent to the company in January 2024. But till date the company has not paid a single penny. Along with this, he says that now the company has clearly refused to pay it. In such a situation, this amount has fallen on the neck of all those departments who had spent at that time. Garima Dasauni said that according to an RTI, about 92 lakhs of NHIDCL, 5.49 crores of NECL and about 65.41 lakh rupees of 13 departments of the state have been spent in this rescue operation.

The announcement of audit of tunnels under construction is buried in files

Barrister, scientist and engineering professor Arnold Dix, president of the International Tunneling and Underground Space Organization, played a major role in the rescue operation. Garima Dasauni says that she has revealed that before the accident, there had been 21 landslides in the tunnel but no attention was paid to it.

Professor Arnold Dix also said that the selected alignment was also not correct and it was also ignored in the audit. Dasauni questioned the state government and said that the Chief Minister of the state had announced immediately after the Silkayara tunnel accident that all the tunnels under construction in the state would be audited but that announcement also remained buried in the files.

No strict action has been taken against anyone so far

Dasauni said that the debris that had come inside the tunnel during the rescue operation has not been cleared yet. Garima also said that the Congress party has been against the clean chit given to the Navayug company by the state government from the very first day and the government had also said that if the workers come out, an FIR will be registered against the Navayug company.

Congress says that strict action against Navayuga Company or NHIDCL is on one hand and the Uttarakhand government has not been able to do anything to harm these two till date. From this, one can guess how deep the collusion between the government and this company is.