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Uttar Pradesh / Auraiya: During Jayamala, the smell of alcohol spoiled the matter, the procession returned without bride

The procession came in Madhwapur village of Kanchausi area of Dibiyapur police station in Auraiya district of UP. At the time of Jayamala, the bride smelled alcohol from the groom and she refused to marry. The bride’s father explained and expressed displeasure over drinking alcohol from the groom. So the groom was enraged at this and beat the bride’s father. After which the bride got badly bifurcated and got down from the stage. Seeing the matter growing, many Barati left as soon as they get a chance from there. After this, the guest house closed the gate. After which the police reached the spot and the panchayat continued till Thursday afternoon. The girl did not listen to which the boys were asked for money from the side. In five days, the procession returned without a bride on written assurance of giving cash and goods.

The smell of alcohol from the boy’s mouth, then the bride went

The marriage of the daughter of Hargyan Singh, a resident of village Madhwapur, was decided with Nirmal Singh Sikarwar, a resident of Bhola Khera Manak Nagar in Lucknow. On Wednesday night, the girl’s side welcomed the girl after coming to the Anandeshwar Gast House in the town of Kanchausi as per the stipulated time. At the time of Jayamal, the bride said that the boy was drunk. On this, the bride’s father expressed displeasure and celebrated the girl till then, the boy beat the girl’s father. Seeing this, the girl got bifurcated and got down from the stage refusing to marry. People celebrated but the girl did not listen. When the bride did not agree, Barati gently ran away from the train and private vehicles. Seeing the matter not being made, the girl side stopped the girl and her special people in the guest house itself. The girl’s father asked to return after returning Rs 11 lakh and after returning the dowry with dowry. At the same time, the girl’s father had also informed the police.

The procession left without a bride

Dibiyapur police station also reached the spot. The boy did not have so much cash. Both the parties were taken to Kanchausi Chowki and the police station officer Dibiyapur BP Rastogi and the outpost in -charge Avnish Kumar handed over a car and offering to the jewelery head of a car and the jewelery head and after five days, after five days, the girl’s father all the goods and all the goods and After the written assurance of returning the cash, the groom and his family were allowed to leave without a bride.